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Euro & Baltic Pride

Euro Pride

Our Development Worker Orlaith travelled to Marseilles to represent IGLYO and take part in the Europride celebrations.  Europride is an annual Pan-European pride event organised by a member organisation in alternating cities. The members of EPOA vote on bids presented at the Annual General Meeting and subsequently the title Euro Pride is licensed for one year to the Winning bidder.  Whilst there Orlaith co-delivered a workshop on the participation of LGBTQ young people (30 years & under) in Pride parades and events and marched with IGLYO banner in the 7km long parade.

Baltic Pride Vilnius,


Baltic Pride is a march for equality that alternates amongst the Baltic states of Lithuania, Croatia, and Latvia. In direct contrast to the parade-like march that took place in Marseilles this march took place with very heavy police presence. Hundreds of protesters against gay rights came on the day to shout obscenities, throw missiles at marchers and to support the proposed bill against ‘Homosexual Propaganda’in Lithuania which is similar to the bill recently passed in Russia. Whilst Orlaith described the March as ‘very scary and intimidating’ she also said ‘it was a proud moment to be there and support the LGBTQ community in the Baltic region who face a daily threat against just being themselves”.

The march went off relatively peacefully but it was a real eye opener for Orlaith who said she couldn’t believe the diversity of the protesters, “there were young people there, people my age who just hated us all, children and their parents who hated us and older women and men who hated us”.

IGLYO have released a statement which can be viewed here:


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