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Gary and Chris

We began our journey to become a family five years ago.  At first we began exploring surrogacy as an option and quickly moved on as the costs were mounting and there was a lot of risk involved in Northern Ireland with the surrogate changing their mind at the last minute.  We explored fostering and were very interested in this as an option but with the placement of a child not being permanent it was hard to see us coping when the day came to let the child go back to their birth parents.  Adoption seemed to be the best option for us and so we made a few enquiries.  We decided to adopt through the Health Trust as our initial contact with them was warm and supportive. 

As a same sex couple we were worried that there might have been extra hurdles to overcome but we were reassured that the process was exactly the same for us as for heterosexual couples.  After a rigorous assessment process and attending numerous panels we were finally matched with a child who was just under 3 years old.  The whole process took just over 4 years but it was worth it for us to meet our child and provide a forever home.  We are now a very happy and complete family and enjoying the challenges and rewards of being parents, our wee family are so happy and looking to the future with excitement.     

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