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Hate Crime – LGB&T Advocate

The LGB&T advocate is there to support men or women who identify as LGB or transgender and their families to report homophobic/transphobic hate incidents and crimes.  It also helps people who experience homelessness, risk of homelessness or other housing difficulties as a result of homophobic and/or transphobia to access support.
Homophobia & transphobia can be verbal, physical, spiritual and or sexual – it can feel like harassment, it can hurt, it changes that way you are/behave and makes you feel unsafe.  You can report homophobia and/or transphobia to the PSNI no matter how big or small.  In fact the small stuff is often the most important because it’s an indicator of a problem and if addressed at the right time can stop other more serious things happening.
Get in touch via gro.tcejorp-wobniarnull@ycacovda or moc.inrednegsnartnull@aibohpsnart to make an appointment, make a report or just to find out more.
Harriet Long
LGB&T Advocacy Officer
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