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Response to Reshaping Breast Assessment Services

Here NI has prepared a response to the “Proposals for the Future Model of Breast Assessment Services for the Population of Northern Ireland.”

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We welcome this consultation process, and the attempts made by the Department to maximise engagement. The Northern Ireland Sexual Orientation Strategy and Action Plan (SOSAP) was originally proposed by OFMdFM during direct rule in 2005. However, upon devolution this draft strategy was shelved until 2012 when it was announced through the draft ‘Strategy for Cohesion Sharing and Integration’ that a new strategy would be developed. To date, this has not been implemented. With no legislative agenda, strategy or follow through on many commitments by central government on LGB&T issues, this community remains largely invisible at the heart of government and politics in Northern Ireland. We hope that the diverse views of respondents are taken into account and that particular attention is given to the additional barriers which some groups experience, some of which are highlighted in our own consultation response.

We are also hopeful that an efficient service which meets the needs of patients, staff and the community is achievable

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